Functional Heart Research in Newcastle, UK

Heart Preservation using Functional Circulation Model 33

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Normothermic Face Perfusion Development

Department of Defense Grant: Normothermic Face Perfusion


Smart Bowl Conveys Cassava to Market with Pest Control

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Discovery at the Organ - Progress in Transplantation

Control and observe physiologic cause and effect

Generate fast and relevant preclinical data

Save money compared to clinical or in vivo studies

Reduce, refine, and replace in comparative research

Perform ADME tox screenings directly at the target

Evaluate organ and tissue preservation strategies

Repair derangements of ischemia and restore cellular energy

Practice in Sustainable Design

User centered design in biology-related fields



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Our perfusion tools put biology and engineering to work.

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VCA Perfusion Grant

Kidney Recellularization

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360mm Organ Chamber

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